I have split personalities…when it comes fashion. I have “non-mom” clothes and “mom” clothes. When I’m in mom mode, certain rules apply that dictate what I wear. 1. Tops can’t be “dry clean only” for the obvious reasons – spills, spit-up, sticky fingers. 2. Pants must have a high waist…unless you don’t care about showing butt crack when you pick up baby. 3. Shoes are restricted to a 2-inch heel not only for safety, but also because my days of walking city blocks in stilettos ended when I moved from NYC.
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While practical, these restrictions make it very easy to resort to wearing a uniform of workout clothes even though I have no intention of working out. Let’s be honest, this is not what the athleisure trend was meant to look like.

In an effort to find a compromise between my two fashion identities, I’ve accidentally created my own uniform that checks all of the boxes without throwing my style out the window. It starts with the elevated sweatshirt. I talked about my love of stylish sweatshirts when they first became a thing, and my attraction to them has only grown. I’ve got sweatshirts with sequins, embroidery, euphemisms…you name it. Spot a fancy sweatshirt, and I’m all over it.ceta walters and nicole pearl

I’m not alone. One of the perks of what I do is meeting other bloggers and content creators. It was originally through Instagram that I noticed Ceta Walters, the founder of Clark and Stone. She’s got a sick sense of fashion – a mix of urban and luxe with signature elements like pairing spiked ankle socks with heels. She also happens to be a mom of two boys living in Chicago. When we met in person at a beauty event, we vibed. I knew she was someone who I wanted to collaborate with and after a lot of rescheduling, mostly due to babysitter snafus (#momlife), we finally met for coffee and our creative juices were flowing. We agreed that creating a post featuring her fashion and my beauty must-haves for moms felt organic and fun. Selfishly, I wanted to know how Ceta always looks cute even when running around with her boys.

beauty productsMOM BEAUTY MUSTS

Lip color: Even when your face is naked, a swipe of a berry lipstick or gloss adds a punch of color so you look put together.

Tinted moisturizer: On days when the idea of putting on makeup sounds exhausting, this Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is all you need. While it looks like a tinted moisturizer and performs like one, I don’t think of it as makeup. I consider it skincare because it provides skin benefits like antioxidant protection, and SPF 30, and is oil free so won’t cause breakouts. It comes in six shades (mine is beige). I wore it during this photoshoot, and here’s my own before and after. I’m such a fan, I’ve partnered with the brand as an independent consultant. If interested in trying, message me because I can get you 10% off and free shipping.

Under eye concealer: Wanna know how I’m functioning on little sleep? Coffee! Wanna know why I don’t always look tired? Concealer! I always wear a shade lighter than the color I use on my face because concealer should not only hide the shadows and dark circles, it should also brighten up the eye area. I love this one.

Hair tie: It’s so much easier to carry around Hazel when my hair is pulled back. Scrunchies are having a moment, but I’m not sold on the trend. I prefer these clear ties. They’re chic, comfortable and cheap.

Mascara: Forget the shadow and pile on the mascara. I say the darker the better to make your eyes pop, and I recommend creating your own cocktail layering thickening and lengthening formulas.


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High waist jeans: Just for the fact that you don’t have to worry about accidentally showing your tummy or crack, high waist jeans are essential. The distressed, black jeans I’m wearing are comfortable, stretchy and go with everything.

Cute Sweatshirt: I love that Ceta agrees sweatshirts are a must. I’ve been living in this rust colored, cropped sweatshirt with flouncy sleeves. I got it a local boutique, Oak + Fort, for less than $60. And it’s super soft.

Belt bag: I previously talked about my long-standing love affair with belt bags. Moms are rarely hands-free, so when I can strap on my belt bag and take Hazel for a stroll, I immediately feel lighter and liberated. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.

Sneakers: Gym shoes can be as fancy as Jimmy Choos. I’ve featured some of my favorites before. Have you seen what Gucci is up to? There’s really no need to walk on stilts when you can be just as trendy and sexy in a pair of cushiony kicks.

Cute Belt: I’ll be honest, I rarely wear belts. But I love that Ceta suggests having a mini wardrobe full of them because this simple accessory can add interest to an otherwise basic look. If you’re going to invest in one, this is the one to get.



Did you also go through a fashion and beauty identity crises when you became a mom?

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Photography by Jules Kennedy

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