Boxer Braids aren’t new, but celebrities are making them mainstream. Here’s why: they’re low maintenance (hair stays out of your face during a workout) yet they add an edge to your look. We also love that they last for days. Whether you’re a fan or not, we gave Boxer Braids a try with the help of talented hairstylist Amanda, founder of Blohaute. If you’re in Chicago and haven’t used Blohaute before, add it to your list. It provides in-home hairstyling services, and the team of stylists can create whatever you ask for — from intricate braids to knockout blowouts. So it’s no surprise we enlisted Amanda to share the steps to mastering this look. Note: Unless braids are your signature style, this is more of a two-person job. For best results, do this with a friend.

1. It is best to prep hair with a texture or salt spray before braiding to give it grit and grip. Amanda used this texturizer and styling product. They help with flyways and keep hands from getting sticky while braiding.

2. Part your hair down the center. If you’re a blonde or a brunette with highlights like our former intern Morgan, you’re in luck because the braids bring out the dimension in your hair. That said, anyone can work this look regardless of hair length or thickness

3. Dutch braid your hair beginning at the roots. Take an inch section and divide it into three subsections. Take hair right under center and left under center the whole way down. Start adding hair in from the outer sections into the inner sections as you make your way down. Or click here for our Dutch Braid How-to. Note: If you don’t braid often, this may be tricky to do on yourself. Try doing it to one of your friends or vice versa first!

4. Once you have finished braiding both sections, Amanda suggests smoothing the braids with this hair oil. This is the same thing the Kardashians do to give their braids a sleek, polished finish. And, did you know they go one step further? Their stylists use colored powder like this one to fill in any areas of skin showing on their scalp after braiding.

Here’s the finished look!



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