Want to know what to have on your radar this summer? I loved sharing the hottest beauty products and trends on NBC Texas Today. From a freeze-dried tablet to a viral ingredient on TikTok, a lip mask and even a skin saver for when you’re on your period, watch my segment to get the scoop on the latest must haves.

We love it because it’s a moisture magnet so your skin looks plump, and it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines. One product that is making the most of this ingredient is Saro de Rúe’s Freeze-Dried Hyaluronic Acid (HA) System. They use an exclusive technology, and it would take 5 bottles of Hyaluronic Acid serum to equal the potency of one tablet. You just add a few drops of the activator to turn it into this beautiful serum that provides hydration for up to 72 hours.
60-Day Pack (32 tablets): $170.00 or 14-Day Pack (8 tablets): $55.00+

Bend Beauty is a perfect example as they’ve created a multivitamin that focuses on skin health. Their Renew + Protect is a hero product that you can think of as the first step in your skincare routine because it helps with hydration, skin roughness and even protects your skin from UV-induced sunburn. Of course you always need to wear SPF, but a clinical study showed that after taking it for 4 weeks, it increases your skin’s resistance to UV burning by 39%, so it’s a good idea to start taking it now. 
$80; bendbeauty.com

I love that beauty brands are now speaking to all stages in a woman’s life. PAYOT MY PERIOD is the first skincare treatment program specifically for women’s skin during their period. It’s a 9-day program that starts on the first day of your cycle, and the serums provide what you need to keep your skin stay clear, soothed and energized during that time of month.

Likely because we’re all dealing with maskne, there have been over 30 million views of the hashtag Tretinoin on TikTok just in April, and this number grows by about one million every two weeks! Tretinoin is a clinically proven ingredient to treat acne, and a great product that’s serving this demand is Altreno lotion, which is the first and only tretinoin in a hydrating lotion formulation. This is important because some acne products can dry out your skin.
$115 (3 month supply); ask your dermatologist or visit www.altreno.com for more information.

The stress we’ve experienced from the pandemic has led to many people experiencing hair loss. So, expect to see more products focusing on not just your hair health but also your scalp health. Eufora Haircare is a line that has shampoos, conditioners and treatments that are all clean and sustainable formulas that won’t cause buildup or irritation. I love these Beautifying Elixirs because they’re all about strengthening your hair and improving the health of your scalp. $30+

Behind-The-Scenes in my at-home “studio”

They have become popular as a result of wearing face masks all the time, which can really dry out your lips. So if you’re looking for an incredibly hydrating treatment you’ll love this Fancy Face Supermodel Lip Bath. It’s a Canadian brand, and this formula bathes your lips in shea butter and vitamin e. I recommend applying it before bed so it becomes an overnight treatment, and you wake up with soft and moisturized lips. I also think the packaging is adorable and comes with a reusable lip wand so you don’t have to use your fingers to apply.
fancyfac.ca; $28

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