Guys may think they can get by with a quick shave, but I’ve seen too many gents walking around with razor burn and unsymmetrical facial hair. Sometimes, we need to review the basics so I enlisted Anthony Sosnick, founder of the grooming line Anthony For Men, to offer his tips for a perfect shave. 1. Around the time that you chugged your first beer, you probably also learned that the most important key to a successful shave is shaving in the direction of the beard growth. “Usually the beard grows downward toward your neck and upwards from the base of your neck,” says Tony.

Anthony's current favorite is his new Action Foaming Face Wash ($22).

Anthony’s current favorite is his new Action Foaming Face Wash ($22).

2. To get a close shave, always wash your face with warm water to soften the hair before putting a razor to it and then apply a shaving cream to help the blades glide along the skin.

Anthony's pick for best razor -- Schick Quattro

Anthony’s pick for best razor — Schick Quattro

3. During the shave, use your free hand to keep your skin taut and as flat as possible and use short strokes starting at the side burns, cheeks and neck. “This helps to prevent nicks,” says Tony. Save your lip and chin for last so the cream can soften these heavier whiskers. And don’t forget to replace your razor after three or four uses. 4. Finish by rinsing your face with cool water and gently pat, don’t rub, your face dry. If you’re prone to razor burn, splash on an after shave balm to keep your fresh face soft and hydrated. the brazorNow that we’ve got your face covered, don’t forget to landscape your body. Bushy back hair won’t entice a woman to wrap her arms around you so be sure to clean up the area before your shirt comes off. I’ve recently come across a new tool specifically made for these notoriously hard-to-reach spots. It’s called The Brazor (shown left), and it’s made with a longer handle so you don’t have to contort yourself to reach your target. Would you try The Brazor? Yes. This looks like a good invention. (90%, 9 Votes) No. I can handle my back hair myself. (10%, 1 Votes)

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