There are books devoted to beauty recipes you can make from kitchen ingredients. Avocado and olive oil are some of the most popular. I’m not a regular do-it-yourself-er kind of girl, but my friend Ann, who knows her stuff when it comes to at-home masks, told me about one facial mask recipe, and it’s worth sharing.

Ingredient: good ol’ fashioned Miracle Whip

How to: Crack open the jar, and use your fingertips to rub the Miracle Whip in circles on your face as if you’re cleansing the skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 20 minutes. The good news is this facial only costs $5, and it works. However, the dressing stinks so be sure to open a window, and it does make skin tingle. To remove the mask, either use a wet washcloth or wash your face with a gentle soap. Your dead cells will rub right off and you’ll be left with smooth, soft skin. You’ll also notice that your face will be pink. Don’t freak. Give it about a half hour for the redness to subside.

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