I’m happy to report that the FDA is now requiring soap manufacturers to prove that the antibacterial chemicals used in their products are safe. If not, companies will have to remove them from their formulas. One such chemical in question is triclosan, a common ingredient in many antibacterial products.

These ingredients have been controversial for years, and finally the FDA is listening to research suggesting that they could interfere with hormones in the body and increase the resistance of bacteria to common antibiotic medications. In the wake of this news and the recent cold my household is getting over, here’s a safe antibacterial soap to know about.

Kiss My Face Moisture Hand Soap: It contains olive oil, aloe, herbs, flowers and vitamins to cleanse and soften and is paraben, phthalate, SLS and artificial fragrance free.

Another one of my must haves is antibacterial spray. I introduced you to a couple of my favorites last year. We keep one at every diaper changing station in the house, in every diaper bag and in multiple car compartments. Other sanitizing sprays I really like and use are from The Honest Company and BabyGanics.

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