The pandemic has been rough on everyone, but one thing it has reminded me to do is celebrate the good times. Whether it’s an engagement, a wedding, a birthday or a baby announcement, each time I hear happy news, it truly adds a sparkle to my day.

Especially since we’ve gone into “isolation,” receiving a card in the mail – something you can hold onto and touch – holds more meaning. It brings a sense of connection you can’t get from a JibJab. While I have my go-to online sites such as and for e-cards, I recently discovered for custom invites, and I’m blown away by all of the design options. The site is the opposite of basic! For anyone who has had to postpone their wedding a million times, if you’re finally ready to set the date or create your dream fall wedding invitation, there are so many wedding cards to choose from. The color options are endless, and I love that they’ll send you a custom sample of your invite so you can feel the card’s paper quality and see the colors in real life before placing your final order. I also appreciate that they offer the convenience of seal & send invites, which include a tear-off RSVP postcard.

If you’re not planning any events, you can also use the site to make your own custom stationery, biz cards, and more. Hint: with Mother’s Day coming up, if you’ve got a momprenuer in your life, this would be a great place to gift her branded stationery. I just ordered my own (see below) after I discovered this adorable design that I swear was made for me! I was able to choose everything from the shades of each lipstick to the font, size, text color and more. I’m impressed with the amount of options you have to create a card that truly reflects your personality, and it’s all completely user friendly. If you end up ordering a card, take a photo and tag me on Instagram (@nicolepearlbeautygirl). Can’t wait to see!

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