The Weekly Link-Up

Here’s what some of my blogging buddies are up to… Alison of the Advice Sistersloves the Spring 2010 collection of gorgeous cosmeticsfrom FACE Stockholm!Dao…


Riding the Wave

Garbo ThenFox NowYou may not have her 22-inch waist (unless you’re in 5th grade), but you can have Megan Fox’s glamorous retro waves. The…

Gag me with a spoon (Lady Gaga photo by WireImage)

Word of the Week

Shadely: [shade-lee] adjective A guy or girl who looks a million times hotter when they’re wearing shades. Usage: He’s so shadely.Gag me with a…


Wipe Out

The BG is back. Traveling through Italy was spiritually cleansing but hardly physically. Good thing airlines only charge for overweight luggage because I definitely…

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