The BG is back. Traveling through Italy was spiritually cleansing but hardly physically. Good thing airlines only charge for overweight luggage because I definitely returned carrying some extra cargo on my tummy and thighs. While I was getting drunk on pizza and pasta, it seemed everyone I spoke to in the states was binging on juice. As I was filling up, they were cleaning out their systems in time for summer…if it ever arrives. tiolet_thumb1-1Juice cleanses sound hideous to me. Even so, they’ve become totally trendy. There’s the infamous lemonade diet aka master cleanse, which Beyoncé used to shrink down to her Dreamgirls proportions. It’s an unsexy cocktail of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper (gross potatoes!) that’s supposed to clear out your digestive system. The latest in vogue gut buster, the BluePrintCleanse, is spreading through New York City social circles. It doesn’t make sense that a 6’ 2” dude and a 5’ 2” girl are both supposed to drink the same amount of juice throughout the process, but maybe that’s why some react positively with results like more energy and clearer skin and some say they’d never do it again because it left them feeling sluggish and ornery in addition to being flat-out expensive (prices go from $65 a day and up). Forgive me if I come across as Debbie downer (I get mean when I think about not eating), but the truth is there are less dramatic ways to lighten up. Chicago-based fitness expert Meghan Readler prefers a moderated detox drink that’s balanced with a sensible diet. She recommends making fresh lemonade by combining lemon juice with water and the natural sweetener Stevia Plus. “The lemons help with digestion and provide a good source of Vitamin C. And, you’re bound to lose a few fast because hunger is often confused with thirst so the more you drink, the less you’ll want to eat.” Now you can really eat, drink and be merry! Would you try a juice cleanse?

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