While we’re looking for the pot of gold at the end of all of this, I’m making ? ?. I was supposed to feature this bold makeup trend as a BEAUTY DARE in a TV segment that’s been postponed, but now rainbows have taken on a whole new meaning in these uncertain times. ⁣

Creating this colorful makeup look felt like it was my small way of saying eff off to COVID. And it was actually fun to do! I’m down for whatever it takes for a little fun these days, right?! ⁣

RAINBOW EYESHADOW HOW TO: It’s actually really easy, and I linked the makeup palette I used below. I applied ⁣yellow on the inner corner of my lids, orange in the middle and hot pink at the outer area. Gently blended along my creases. Finished with gold glitter liner along the upper lash line and purple shadow as liner on the bottom. ⁣
⁣Who else is living for colorful makeup these days?


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