Ever see a beauty trend and wonder whether it’s worth trying or not? I’ve scoured the most popular ones and shared the top 6 you should know about on NBC’s Texas Today. Click below to watch the segment — there’s even a discount code included! — and if anything catches your eye, scroll down to shop the products.

Trends To Try
  1. Bright Eyes
  2. Pro Treatment
  3. Inflammaging
  4. Skinnification of Body Care
  5. Mega Moisture
  6. Bar Soap Renaissance

1.     BOLD EYES: Whether it’s adding a glitter liner or a wash of this season’s popular periwinkle color on your lids, before you can pull off the bold eye makeup look that’s trending this season, it’s important to prep your eyes. Just like you prep your skin before makeup, if your eyes are red, this is the time to try LUMIFY® redness reliever eye drops. This is actually a little secret makeup artists use on their celeb clients for reducing redness to help make eyes look more vibrant. The drops significantly reduce redness to help eyes look whiter and brighter, revealing their natural radiance. They start working in 60 seconds, last up to 8 hours and are comfortable to use.

2.  GO PRO: Now is the best time to get your professional in-office treatments because the days are shorter and you aren’t in the sun as much. If dark spots and sun damage are an issue for you, you need to know about the BBL Hero by Sciton. This treatment uses broadband light to zap away the spots, it only takes 4 minutes to do your entire face and you can treat your body as well and there’s minimal downtime. I tried it and after just one treatment I was amazed by how my dark spots were instantly reduced and my skin looked clearer. 

3.    INFLAMMAGING: This is the new beauty buzzword, and it’s all about targeting inflammation and healing your skin. Skin1004 is an incredible k-beauty brand and their Centella Collection contains the ingredient Centella Asiatica, which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that repairs the skin’s barrier.

4.    SKINCAREIFICATION of BODYCARE: People are now treating the skin on their body with as much attention as they do on their face. They want quality ingredients, and The Handmade Soap Company crafts their formulas by hand plus they’re all vegan and cruelty free. Their Lemongrass and Cedarwood Collection is perfect for winter. It includes everything from body oil to hand lotion and has a warm yet vibrant scent. Get 10% off the website with the code KINDNESS 10

5.     SKIN MINIMALISM: We’re steering away from the heavy foundation makeup look that was huge last year on social media and now it’s all about less is more to let your real skin show. The first step to rock this look is having hydrated skin. Pause Well Aging just launched their Moisture Lock, which is filled with hydrating ceramides and it can be used as your daily moisturizer, it can be layered on top of another moisturizer or can go on thick to work as a hydrating mask.

6.     BAR SOAP RENAISSANCE: Bar soap is back, and the new editions are beloved because they’re plastic free and their formulas have been upgraded.  Laubahn Perfums is a boutique brand that just launched their Moonlit Tryst soap collection, which contains vegetable-based glycerin bars that are infused with beautiful fine fragrances that leave your skin both cleansed and lightly scented.


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