Dove held an event this summer where I was invited to get a wash and blowout on Chicago’s Michigan Ave. Getting my hair shampooed on the sidewalk was a first, and having the clear sky and the city’s skyscrapers as my view from the basin was especially relaxing. I also spent time with Dove’s celeb stylist Matt Fugate (he’s the guy in the photo). He’s worked with January Jones, Christina Hendricks and Claire Danes to give you an idea. During our chat, he shared some great tips that will help you be smart when choosing your products. Here they are…
1. If you see the ingredient panthenol on the label, stay away. “It’s a wax found in many drugstore hair products, and it causes buildup,” he said.

2. We all want more volume, but Matt says to stick with volumizing products that are free of the ingredient propane 17.

3. The best formulas are those that are water based because they provide the moisture. One of Matt’s fave Dove products is the cream serum (shown here). FYI: Dove’s haircare formulas are water based.
4. There’s no need to fear hair products containing silicones anymore. The silicones of today are smaller molecules so they aren’t going to weigh hair down.
Here I am post blowout!

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