malinCouple’s Retreat star Malin Akerman has a lot to be happy about–she’s made a career out of playing the funny, cute girl and her star is on the rise. Currently, she’s working with Crest to promote a sweepstakes where one person will win $2000 to help him or her make the trip to be with a friend or family member this holiday season. “That’s what I’m looking forward to most during Christmas, being home with my family, so I’d love to make that possible for other people, too,” she told me in a recent interview. A friend of the Red Carpet, this leggy blonde knows what it takes to shine in the spotlight. Read on to find out the best beauty advice she’s ever gotten, her secrets for taking a flattering picture and the products she can’t live without.Q: What Red Carpet tricks have you picked up?P20355_heroA: I rub Michael Kors Leg Shine on my arms, legs and shoulders. It captures the light to give my skin a beautiful, sexy glow.Q: Do you have any tips on how to take a good photo?A: Whenever I walk in front of the cameras, I stay true to myself. I’ve realized that when I let my personality show through and exude confidence, I take the best shots. I’m also aware of my body placement. Since I have a straight figure, I usually turn my body 3/4 and then turn my shoulders forward toward the camera. This stance helps to create the illusion of curves.31c-lPGp7yL._AA280_Q: You’ve worked with many celebrity hair stylists and makeup artist over the years. What are the best secrets you’ve learned from them?A: When I’m filming a movie, my hair gets really worn down from all the blow drying and hot irons. One stylist turned me on to hair masks, and now that’s what I do once a week to repair the damage. I apply it before bed, wrap my head in a towel and sleep with it overnight. My favorite is Fekkai Protein RX PM Repair Strengthener.P230421_heroThe best piece of advice I’ve gotten for my skin is to keep hydrated and get enough sleep. My makeup artist Miranda Widlund can immediately tell if I’m lacking in either department because the makeup doesn’t go on as smoothly, and my face needs a lot more concealer. It’s not always easy to fit both in, so on those days I fake it with Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Hydrating Makeup SPF 10. The foundation is light and makes my skin look flawless and radiant.Q: You were just in Couple’s Retreat, what’s next?A: I’ll be filming The Romantics with Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin and a bunch of other great actors. It’s got the same feeling as the movie The Big Chill in the sense that it’s about a bunch of friends getting together, in this case, before a wedding. I play Tripler, who is a fun and pretty outrageous character.

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