110828_main Have you been blessed with perfect boobs? If you’re a lucky duck, scroll down and read another post. If you haven’t, then you’re probably like me and know what it’s like to have boob envy. Take Phoebe Cate’s infamous pool scene in “Fast Times” or any pic of swimsuit model Marisa Miller. Now those are the kahunas I’d trade in my ripe cherries for any day of the week.marisa_miller_1Clearly, my chest isn’t one that makes an entrance before I do. The bust-enhancement industry is booming, but I’m not into the idea of going under the knife to tamper with my perky little things. On the upside, they naturally stand at attention, and I can pretty much wear any style dress or top from strapless to form fitting. On the other hand, any attempt to fill out a halter or bustier turns into a bad joke. There are ways to fake it with pushup bras (Try the Itty Bitty Removeable Pad Bra or the Cosabella Soire Demi Bra), cutlets or, if you’re really desperado, a box of tissues. The reality is, for a petit girl like me, acquiring cleavage is as miraculous as parting the Red Sea. I don’t believe in magic. Talika_BustSerumHowever, when the Talika Bust Serum ($49) landed on my desk, suddenly the notion that a white rabbit could live in a black top hat didn’t seem so far fetched. I saw the words “lift,” “volume” and “firm” dancing across the bottle, and I was wooed—albeit by the marketing.I test tons of new products promising the world, so I was no less skeptical about this one’s outrageous claims like you’ll go up a whole cup size in just six weeks. Still, I needed to give it a go. I followed the directions, applying the light serum every night. Its got a fresh scent and the formula’s loaded with the kitchen sink: mukul bark extract, oak extract, raspberry seed oil, and peptides make up some of the ingredients.Weeks have passed, and my button-down shirts aren’t bursting open nor has my bra size changed. However, there has been a slight blossoming. I’m rounder and fuller in areas where I wasn’t before. It’s not a really noticeable difference to others but there’s a tad more there and that’s satisfying enough for me. Bottom line: the serum is no Miracle Grow but it does stimulate the seedlings.Now that I’ve just written this review, I feel as though I’ve done the equivalent of posting a huge picture of myself in a skimpy bikini. But hey, The Beauty Girl is here to be your guinea big and this is as real as real can be.

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