Once reserved for guests of exclusive French hotels, the luxurious skincare line Russie Blanche has come stateside. The only way to get your hands on the products is to visit the Blue Harmony spa at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort or to purchase off their website (blueharmonyorlando.com).

Lucky for me, I was sent their best sellers to try. The line marries the traditions of Russian massage and aromatherapy with French skincare practices, and the key ingredients are siberian golden root, touted for fighting stress, siberian ginseng, known for its ability to survive in cold climates and essential oils. The kicker is that none of the products contain bad stuff like parabens, artificial colors, etc.

The three products I’ve been using are the Siberian Petals Cleanser and Make-Up Remover, Moisturizing Face Mask and Baniya Detox Bath and Shower Gel.

The face wash ($58) is pretty — the liquid looks like a sheer pearly white nail polish. When I rub it on my skin, it really does wipe away dirt and makeup. When I wear a few coats of mascara I like to use a separate eye makeup remover after cleansing, but this face wash does a good job at ridding makeup on its own. I should mention that the formula does smell a bit like perfume. It’s a nice scent, but if you’ve got a sensitive nose that’s something to keep in mind. My one request would be that the liquid come out of a pump rather than the twist cap, which can be clumsy.

The mask ($94) is a keeper. It’s not goopy or sticky. It glides on skin, delivers a refreshing cooling effect and rinses off easily with water. After just five or 10 minutes you’ll feel your dry skin bounce back.

The body oil ($88) is a nice indulgence. You can add a half capful to your bath (if only I had a tub in my bathroom!) or apply to your body before showering. The oil is instantly relaxing because it smells like a spa and ultra moisturizing. It’s the perfect antidote to a harsh winter.

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