75648f4d27dfb997_mascara.xlargerIf traditional wands aren’t doing it for you, welcome a new vibrator into your life–Pulse Perfection Vibration Mascara by Maybelline.Forget the days when you shimmied the brush through your lashes. This one does the work for you. It vibrates 7,000 times per minute so the mascara goes on evenly and adds miles to your lashes in one fell swoop (just press down the button and glide the brush through from root to tip). A seriously steady hand isn’t required, thanks to the subtle pulsations, and the results are more than satisfying.Vibrating mascara isn’t the newest novelty to hit the market (Estée Lauder and Lancôme introduced the concept last year and each of theirs sold out in a flash). I’m turned on to this one because it’s half the price at $14.95, is available in drugstores nationwide, and is as effective as the department store brands. Plus, it’s from the company who brought us Great Lash, a tried and true favorite._5438387*BG Tip: For the best eye-opening results, first curl your lashes with an eyelash curler (I’m loyal to Shu eumura’s) because it conforms to every eye shape. Press down and hold for 20 seconds on each eye. Next, swipe on mascara. Apply the rest of your makeup as you wait for the mascara to dry. Mascara is dry when the lashes no longer feel tacky. Finally, curl lashes one more time. Note: it’s important to only curl lashes after the mascara dries or else lashes could stick to the curler.

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