madMAKEUP HOW-TOMad Men’s Christina Hendricks looked smashing at the Globes. I can’t tell you how to get her sexy curves (you’d have to talk to Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon for that), but I can tell you how to get her beautiful makeup look. Here’s the rundown straight from the woman responsible, celebrity makeup artist Vanessa Scali.Inspiration:“Effortless and chic: sheer satin eyes, pink milk-maid cheeks and a siren mouth.”Undereye: Scali applied Lancôme’s Effacernes in Porcelain.Skin: Minimal foundation was needed for Christina’s radiant skin, so she used shu uemura’s Nobara Cream Cover Stick foundation where coverage was needed.Cheeks: Shu uemura’s new Satin Radiant Stick Blush was swiped on the apples.Eyes: Scali applied Satin Radiant Stick in Highlight all over the eye (from lash line to brow), and then swept it down to highlight the very peak of the cheekbones.To define and elongate the lashline, she used a black pencil liner and then opened up the eye by lining the inside rim with shu uemura’s Eye Light White.Lashes: When it comes to red-carpet beauty, false lashes are as prevalent as Spanx. In this case, Christina wore shu uemura’s Flare eyelashes in Black topped with a coat of mascara.Lips: To create Christina’s scarlet lip, Scali slicked on shu uemura’s Rouge Unlimited #134.

-2-1-2HAIR TREND: Lose, Textured WavesHollywood’s (not Hef’s) favorite girls next door went for beachy hair. Too bad it takes more than an ocean breeze to achieve this style.1. Apply a light styling lotion to damp hair and blow dry smooth.2. Take sections of varying densities and curl hair on a 1.5-inch barrel curling iron. BG Tip: For added hold, spray each section with hairspray before curling.3. Gently break up the curls with fingers to soften the waves.4. Finish with a shine spray that tames flyaways and locks in style.59313478STATEMENT MAKER: January JonesThe poised star looked stunning in Lanvin, and her black headband stole the show. While the rest of the celebs were pimped out in enough jewels to require a security guard, Miss. January kept up with the Joneses of today (you know, the rest of us who are still recovering from the recession) accessorizing with a chic, satin headband. In return, she’s reaped the biggest rewards, winning the spot as one of this year’s most coveted looks.

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