I had the chance to interview Private Practice star Kate Walsh, who happens to have her own beauty company. Who knew?! There are a gazillion celebrity fragrances out there, but Kate’s is different. She didn’t just slap her name on a juice that a big fragrance house concocted. She came up with the idea for her fragrance Billionaire Boyfriend, created her own company and launched the scent this year. I found out what’s really behind the name as well as her other beauty secrets like how she keeps her skin in check after all of those hours on set.

Better yet, I’m giving two people the chance to win a bottle of Billionaire Boyfriend ($75). Keep reading to enter the giveaway.

TBG: What’s one product you can’t live without?
KATE: Emu oil. I found out about it from my makeup artist on the show. It’s good for hydrating, healing things like burns and facial booboos like if you picked a zit.

TBG: Where do you get it?
KATE: I like to get mine from the Montana Ranch website. If you’re a vegan then jajoba oil from Trader Joes or wherever is good, too.

As a side note peeps, I’m realizing that these types of healing oils are becoming the product de jour of many celebs. Just the other month I asked the same question to Whitney Port, who was all about Pawpaw ointment. In case you’re wondering, Emu Oil comes from the fat pad of the emu.

TBG. In terms of beauty, is there one product that you have a million of or that you collect?
KATE: I don’t wear makeup when I’m not working. But, I have of ton of products, and especially a ton of eye shadow palettes. I love the Chanel palettes with four eye shadows. I also love the Make Up For Ever lengthening mascara. I have it black and in blue.

TBG: Speaking of eyes, how do you accentuate them?
KATE: On the show we wear individual lashes, and they make a huge difference.

TBG: How do you remember all of the medical jargon in each script?
KATE: There’s an area in my brain that’s been carved out to memorize the language, and it goes right out of my brain after the scene. It’s gotten easier over the years. And then there are the days when we’re doing 20 takes because we can’t get it. We all have those moments.

TBG: What are some of the best makeup tips you’ve learned on set?
KATE: My makeup artist mixes a liquid highlighter and a moisturizer into the foundation to give my skin a dewy glow. Next he uses a puff and sets the foundation with translucent powder. The final step is that he takes a fat brush and dusts Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna on my cheekbones, temples and so forth to give my face a warm glow.

TBG: How did you come up with Billionaire Boyfriend as the name for your fragrance?
KATE: The name was inspired by my ex-boyfriend who I broke up with, and I missed his scent. I went to the men’s cologne counter but couldn’t find a scent for myself that I liked. I didn’t want a unisex scent or anything too masculine. I wanted a woodsy fragrance with a light floral that smells expensive but is affordable. (The fragrance is $75). The idea didn’t leave me alone, so I decided to do it myself. I started my own company so I could be involved in all of the creative. It’s been a labor of love.

TBG: How do you like to wear the fragrance?
KATE: I like wearing it alone but also layering it with either pure patchouli or pure vanilla.

TBG: The bottle is beautiful? How’d you come up with that?
KATE: I was lucky enough to stay at Le Meurice hotel in Paris. I was inspired by the venetioan glass in the hotel lobby and used that as inspiration for the bottle. I wanted it to be reflective and feel like a vintage jewel.

As you may know I recently got back from my trip to Paris. I too was lucky enough to stay at Le Meurice and agree that the lobby is a gem. Here’s a photo:

TBG: Do you have any tricks for your skin?
KATE: I use The Clarisonic brush religiously. It works for me. I usually use a makeup remeover wipe first and then cleanse with the Clarisonic. I also love all Kate Somerville products because they smell good and work.

TBG: Do you have any beauty rituals?
KATE: I like to start my day with a cup of hot water and lemon or just room temperature water and lemon. My grandma used to do this.

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