Do you recognize any of these scenarios? 1. You tell yourself you’ll go to the gym tomorrow and then a few too many tomorrow’s later your time has run out and the big event is here. 2. You’ll be shedding your sweaters before you know it (I pray) and have realized that all those Home Run Inn pizzas you scarfed down when you were too lazy to bare the cold are starting to show. Suck in! 3. Your days are filled to the brim so there’s no time for a sweat session. Whatever your reason (ahem) excuse for not working out, The Biggest Loser’s ball buster Jillian Michaels has an at-home workout video that makes it impossible to justify not getting in shape. JIAM13DVDI first heard about her 30 Day Shred DVD ($10.99) from a friend of mine who is a new mom (she did the video 3 times in one week and lost 5 lbs!). My friend heard about it from her friend who said it helped her lose her baby weight. Having discovered a workout video that only takes 20 minutes and is actually making a difference, it’s no surprise that word is quickly spreading from the playground to girls around town. I was sold by the idea of being able to exercise in less time then it takes to get a mani and tried the workout for the first time with my sister, who of all things, is also a new mom to her second son Luke. The video has three levels (we challenged ourselves starting on level 2). My initial thought was, “It’s ONLY 20 minutes. I can handle it.” Once we got into it I soon realized how the combo of strength, cardio and ab training for 20 minutes nonstop can kick your ass. I wouldn’t call it fun (I’m not the type who would ever describe a workout as “fun”) but it is efficient and effective. Like any workout DVD, it can start to feel monotonous, but no one ever said losing weight was all that and a bag of chips. degree1On that note, if you’re like me and don’t wake up motivated to work off the calories, here’s some food for thought. Degree’s new Natureffects deodorant claims to put a positive spin on your mood. The deodorant comes in three scents (honeysuckle and tea tree oil, orange flower and cranberry and olive leaf and pink pepper), and according to a Degree Women Survey, these nature-inspired scents are uplifting and can relieve stress. So, the next time you need some help turning your pre-workout frown upside down, it may just be worth giving these sticks a try.

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