Kate Walsh’s divorce may be ugly but she’s sure lookin’ purty. At the 37th Annual Fifi Awards (the Oscars of the fragrance industry), celebrity stylist David Evangelista gave the Private Practice star a sexy, modern French twist, which he says “Is all the rage for Fall.”As a regular on the summer wedding circuit and bride-to-be, I’m drawn to this fuss-free look because it proves your hair doesn’t have to be plastered to your head to withstand a windy outdoor ceremony or a raging dance floor. headerWant to give it a whirl?David breaks it down:1. Mist volumizing spray onto damp locks and dry with a big round brush.2. Set hair with small-medium sized rollers. Tip: If bobby pins easily slip out of your hair, spray the roots with a dry shampoo (scroll down for more info on that). This will give hair the texture needed to hold pins in place. Let hair set for 20 minutes.3. Remove rollers, lightly tease roots and spray with super light hair spray like Elnet (David’s favorite).4. Starting with the hair on the right side of your head, brush it back as if creating a pony tail but instead secure the hair by inserting a bobby pin vertically. Do the same with the hair on the left side of your head. Then, take the hair at the front of your head, loosely brush it back and secure with a bobby pin. Finally, brush the hair at the back of the neck up and secure the pin in an upward direction. If there are remaining sections of hair at the sides, continue until all the hair is pinned at the back of the head. For those with long hair, now is when you twist your locks into a bun and secure with hair pins.5. Finish with a light hairspray and/or shine spray.

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P.S. Not all beauty ailments have a quick fix. For example, perfume won’t hide body odor. So, when a product comes along that enables you to feign the fact you’ve skipped a few too many shampoos, it must be celebrated. Check back next week to get the full scoop on dry shampoo. Hint: the party won’t be complete unless there’s a fab favor to be given away.

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