TENNIS-FRA-ROLAND-GARROS-HENIN-WILLIAMSTennis star, rock-hard bod, Common’s girlfriend…if we were playing Password, any beginner would know the answer is Serena Williams. Now, add co-founder of a beauty line to the list of clues, and I doubt this athlete name’s is still on the tip of your tongue. I kid you not, it’s the newest title she’s taken on.-1Mission Skincare is the athlete’s latest off-the-court venture, and she’s aiming for a win. The product line’s saving grace is that she didn’t stray far from her own arena of expertise; the formulas are designed for people with active lifestyles. They’ve even earned endorsements from pros like Steve Nash, who likes rubbing his tootsies with the High-Performance Foot Synergy Gel ($8.99) after a grueling game and Sergio Garcia, who relies on the Ultra-Sweatproof Sunscreen SPF 30+ Lotion ($8.99) on the course. Serena’s favorites include the Restorative Body Butter ($24.99) and the Lip Balmer SPF 15 ($3.99), a paraben-free balm in a flavor she loves, pomegranate, that claims to work for up to eight hours. Want in on the action? Check out the rest of the line on HSN or at

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