Twistbands are the hair tie everyone is talking about. They’re the classic example of an invention that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Congrats to the mom who did. She realized how effectively and comfortably a soft piece of elastic trim can hold hair back. And the simplicity of this hair band has caught fire. Twistbands come in practically every color imaginable, are now available in headbands and can even be personalized with your own message. Bigger brands like Goody have even made knock offs. I do like that the Twistband won’t snag your hair, but I should mention that even though the company claims it won’t leave dents in your hair, it did leave a bend in mine after using it to secure my pony. Prices start at $2. I was excited when the company sent me a big batch of Twistbands (shown here). I’ve got one to match every outfit, and they look cute on a wrist, too.

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