As The Beauty Girl, I never turn myself off. There’s no watching the minutes tick down (unless it’s waiting for my hubby to walk in the door) to some magical number like 5pm so I can return to freedom. My radar is up 24/7…when I’m with friends, walking down the street, shopping Whole Foods…you name it. While a large chunk of my beauty expertise comes from my relationships with PR firms, experience testing products, interviewing derms, meeting makeup artists and so forth, I have to give credit for this post to my best friend Molly. She’s a foodie who cares about what goes on and in her body. Passionate about healthy living (if it weren’t for Molly I’d still be eating Skippy instead of the natural equivalent), Molly did some research and created a natural skincare regimen that’s become my new favorite way to cleanse my face. I discovered her secret when I stayed with her during a visit to my old stomping ground NYC, and it’s too good to not pass on. olive-oil_skincare_ingredient Beauty Secret: Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Washing up with a nickel-size amount of Rachael Ray’s beloved e.v.o.o. is a great chemical-free option to get soft, supple skin. If this sounds like a shocker, it shouldn’t be. Tons of beauty products from drugstore brands like Curel to luxe brands like Philip B contain this ingredient. The moisturizing benefits of olive oil make it perfect for dry skin, and it removes makeup as effectively as any makeup remover. 1. Rub the olive oil on dry skin in circular motions. Molly suggested I do that for a couple of minutes and I soon understood why. It felt like a relaxing face massage. 2. Rinse off with water. If you feel like you still have some residue on your skin (I didn’t but Molly did) follow with a tea tree oil-based face cleanser like Desert Essence. It will give your newly hydrated face that squeaky clean feeling. The only thing that’s left to decide is where you’ll keep your all-purpose bottle of olive oil — kitchen or bathroom.

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