I’m always in the market for product testers, and my family members are my regular recruits. My sister-in-law Lizzie isn’t the lipstick wearing, weekly professional blowout type. She prefers minimal makeup and air-dried hair. She doesn’t fall for a product because it looks cute in the packaging or simply smells good. So when she was uncharacteristically enthusiastic about a styling cream she tested on her wavy hair, I knew it earned its spot on TBG.

Why do we love Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls ($32, 8 oz.)? Let us count the ways: Curly hair is very particular, and this cream doesn’t make kinks crunchy. It doesn’t clump. It doesn’t leave hair looking wet even if you apply it to wet hair. It doesn’t manipulate your bends in an unnatural way, either. Instead, it enhances the texture of your spirals so they fall into place seamlessly. In fact, after using the cream, Lizzie described her hair as having “the perfect beachy wave.” And she was happy the style lasted longer than most of the other products she’s tried. I should also mention that while Lizzie isn’t a sucker for a product’s scent, she did enjoy this one’s lemony fresh aroma.

P.S. If you want to try out this formula, you can order a free sample on Miss Jessie’s website (http://www.missjessies.com).

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