Puberty is as ugly a word as it is an awkward stage. Millions of teens have Proactive to thank for keeping their faces pretty when everything else seems to be going haywire. I also have Proactiv to thank. The blemish-busting goliath sponsored my Video Music Awards viewing party and hooked me up with product for all the guests, CDs of their latest celeb spokespeople Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, and an Amex gift card for food and drinks. Here’s a pic of the loot! IMG_37750913-taylor-swift-vma-hair_bdAs for show highlights, after last year’s Taylor Swift and Kanye debacle, all eyes were on the tall teen when she debuted the song she wrote about that infamous, stage-stealing night. Her voice didn’t move mountains, or even hills, for that matter, but she did forgive him and her glamorous ’30s style waves, porcelain skin and cherry red lips rose to the occasion. Bravo!

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