When this quirky idea ran on the blog Pure Wow, it became quite the attention grabber and was even picked up on NY Mag’s The Cut. The notion that simply freezing your tights could prevent them from getting a run seemed too easy. Without opaque black tights in the winter, we wouldn’t be able to get extra mileage out of our skirts and dresses from warmer temperatures. Being that we’ve been in a pickle one too many times accidentally getting a run and not having a backup, we figured this tip was worth trying and seeing if it really does work. To our pleasent surprise, it did! Here’s how: 

The original article says to follow these instructions: 

  • Before you wear your tights, run them under water until they’re damp. 
  • Put them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight. 
  • Once you pull them out of the freezer, give them another day to defrost and thaw. 

Some people stated that this made their tights smaller, however, we didn’t have that problem. We made sure to stretch them once they were done dethawing, and that’s the only piece of advice we’d add to the list. 

So there you have it! A two-day method to making sure your tights are run-free (for a lot longer, at least). 


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