When you have the chance to spend an afternoon with a Victoria’s Secret model, you take it. So, this week I dined at Cibo Matto in The Wit hotel with VS Angel Lindsay Ellingson (documented in the pic below), who was in town for the launch of the brand’s new “Gorgeous” push-up bra. Lindsay is not only stunning, she’s so normal, down-to-earth and easy to talk to. When asked what she does to get her perfect body in shape for the VS fashion show, which happens to be one of the most electric, entertaining spectacles I’ve ever attended, I may have given her a dirty look.

“My biggest issue is that I’m too skinny, so I have to drink lots of protein shakes to get ready for it,” she said. I wanted to call her a biatch in that moment, but the girl is so damn nice, she is yet another example of how Beauty Doesn’t Have to be a Bitch. All I could do was smile, swallow my thoughts and empathize with her inability to grow a muffin top.

During our date, Lindsay introduced me to the newest VS fragrance suite called Attractions. The four body mists, which can be layered, have very different scent profiles. Sweet Craving is like inhaling a bowl of vanilla creme brulee, Wild One is slighlty floral, Glam Goddess smells fresh and clean, and Love Bitten is woodsy with a hint of apple.

But it’s not the aromas that are memorable. They’re made with a secret cocktail of notes referred to as EverTempt, which is supposed to have pheremone-like powers. Apparently, the perfumers at Victoria’s Secret tested hundreds of scent combinations until they found the one blend that lured in men time and time again. So, the next time you’re on the prowl, perhaps you should give yourself a mist. This just may turn out to be your lucky juice.

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