I started my week off at WGN studios, where I shared my beauty and fashion tips on the Midday News. In case you missed it, here’s the segment. If you’re curious about what I featured, scroll down to shop the products. I’ve also included some fun, behind-the-scenes photos. Follow me on snapchat (nicolepearltbg) and Instagram (@NPTheBeautyGirl) to see even more videos and pictures I snapped in the studio. P.S. Chicagoans, don’t forget to redeem your $20 credit toward any beauty treatment (that’s at least a free mani!) of your choice. Just go to PrettyQuick.com and enter the code WGN20.

When you’re watching me on TV, the background in this photo is what I see.

Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pose in front of the green screen, which served as the perfect backdrop for my Christina Karin look.


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