oilyIf you’ve been anywhere near a Sephora, or the Internet for that matter, then you’ve probably seen the trend in skincare – oil cleansing. Immediately, it sounds like an oxymoron. Oil registers with many as greasy, dirty, and lest not forget the worst adjective for skin, shiny, which you may as well equate to a four-letter word. So what’s the deal? 

Washing your face with oil instead of water actually has a host of benefits. It doesn’t strip your skin of as many nutrients, it leaves it more moisturized, and can double as a make-up remover. Oil cleansers have been popular in Asia for years (click here to see some of our favorite Korean beauty products) where women are fanatic about keeping their skin healthy. 

Tons of brands from drugstore to department store have come out with their own versions, so we gave two a try to give you a headstart. 

1. Neutrogena Ultra Light Cleansing Oil. We applied 3-4 pumps of the oil on dry skin and rubbed it in circular motions. The consistency was surprisingly ultra light. All of our makeup came off easily, even better than with our beloved face wipes. For reference, we had a full face of makeup on: foundation, blush, bronzer, brow gel, shadow, liner, coats of mascara… Gone! True to the words on the packaging, the cotton pad was covered in dirt and grease that was pulled from our skin. It almost felt like those infomercials with the Japanese feet pads that allgedly suck toxins from your foot. After, we did feel like our skin was fairly oily, but overnight the excess oil was absorbed, and we woke up feeling moisturized. 

2. Lush’s 9-to-5 Cleansing Lotion. We’re a sucker for good branding; anything that’s dedicated to getting the grime off our face after eight hour days is bound to attract. This cleansing oil was more like a lotion. It went on smoothly and wiped away all of the makeup and dirt on our face. It seemed to really pull a lot of excess dirt out of our pores, which is a genuine concern for those with oily skin. If you’re wondering which cleansing oil to try, we think that if you have oily skin, you might enjoy the Lush cleansing lotion because the consistency was thicker. If you have dry skin that needs some extra TLC, the Neutrogena oil is probably perfect for you. 

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