P-eyeCsLiner-lg My sisters love me for me, but there’s no denying they enjoy the fruits of my labor–free beauty products (one person can only test so many eyeliners herself). Over the years, I’ve enlisted my two siblings to try all sorts of new goodies and report back to me.While Maggie has realized the magic of clip-in human hair extensions (she even wore them on her wedding day), Melissa has become an eyeliner aficionado, applying tons of brands in search of one formula that can keep up with her busy life. With four children under the age of 11, she’s been in search of a liner that’s goes on easily and that won’t smudge when she’s working out, when she’s running errands on an eye-watering cold day or when she’s cheering on her daughter at a humid, indoor swim meet. Finally, Melissa found a winner in Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner ($6.49, drugstores nationwide). Ironically, I had nothing to do with it; this discovery was all on her own, and she’s been raving about it since.fancy

“It’s the first eyeliner I’ve found that stays put no matter what,” she says. “It goes on really smooth like a crayon and comes off really easily with eye makeup remover. Plus, it’s so cheap!”

I’ve always been the one giving beauty advice to my sisters, but the roles couldn’t have reversed at a better time. I’m getting married in a couple of weeks, and we all know a wedding can be an emotional occasion. I’m going to follow Melissa’s lead on this one, and if the waterworks turn on, I might look like a sobbing fool but at least my liner will still look great, and I’ll have her to thank.

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