Before I tell you what the gift is, here’s a few reasons why I love it for Father’s Day. To start: 1. He probably wouldn’t buy it for himself, but once he tries it out he’ll wonder how he lived without it. 2. I’m always looking for that million-dollar idea (don’t you watch "Shark Tank"?), and this is one that will make you think, "Why didn’t I think of that?" 3. It’s practical. 4. It’s a problem solver. 5. It’s the right price — $50. 6. It’s not the generic socks, tie or cologne. 6. It will make him feel like a boss.

So what’s the gift? Swiss Stays collar stays. Yup, I’m talking about those sticks men put in their shirt collars for a crisp, neat look. You’ve probably considered collar stays a throwaway item that’s a sexy as Swiss cheese. But these Swiss Stays are high-tech, classy, and I guarantee a present that even the dad who has everything doesn’t have. 

Created by a custom tailor, Swiss Stays are made from sterling silver, brass, stainless steel or PVC with stainless steel. They won’t bend out of shape like the plastic ones you get from the dry cleaner, they’re weighted to ensure the collar sits properly, and they’re adjustable so you’ll never have to search for the right size stay. In fact, they adjust to four different sizes to ensure they’ll fit every sized shirt collar on the market. They also come in a durable little case that makes them impossible to lose and easy to travel with.

There you have it. Happy gifting!

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