Living Proof has a reputation for setting the bar high when it comes to hair products. Their Full Thickening Mousse is a winner. The brand, which was started by some brainy MIT peeps, was also one of the first to bring the concept of primer for hair to market. The Prime Style Extender is meant to perform like a makeup primer. Just as face primers help makeup go on more evenly and last the day, this formula is meant to give your hair its best chance at looking its best no matter the elements. It claims to block humidity and moisture, repel oil and dirt, keep hair cleaner and hold style longer. Those are some big promises locked up in a $20 bottle. After trying it for a week, we had the proof we needed to know it works.

How to use: TBG intern applied the Prime Style Extender from the nape of her neck down to the ends of her hair. The primer can be combined with any hair products, so she added some Kerastase serum as she usually does. Normally she’d then finish by running a straightening iron through her locks, but since using this product, she’s been skipping that step and her hair still looks good for the day.

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