Question: Any tips for looking good on such a hot and humid summer day?—BG reader, Goldengirl
humidityIf this weather leaves you looking like you’ve just taken a swim in a sweat bath, here are some quick tips to keep you afloat.Tame ManePick your battles. If you have curls like me, your hair and humidity are a match made in heaven. Screw the straightening iron for once and let nature embrace your natural texture. Curly hair tends to be dry, so it will happily suck the moisture from the air, which creates plumper, bouncier, better-behaved ringlets. For added frizz protection, you can work in a styling cream like Redken Fresh Curls Anti-Frizz Shiner or a defining mousse like Salerm Pro Line Curl Mousse.For straight locks that go haywire when humidity hits, you have no choice but to face this fight head on. A skillful blowdry helps. Divide the hair into sections and start at the root, pointing the nozzle downward at a 45-degree angle. Maintain a continuous airflow while using a boar-bristle brush to stretch and straighten the hair. Adding an anti-frizz product into the equation seals the deal. The market is saturated with these products but the two formulas that always win are Phytodefrisant Botanical Relaxing Balm ($26) and John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Formula Hair Serum ($8).Welcome MatteWhen the heat feels like it’s going to squeeze you to death, a dunk in an ice bucket sounds tempting. But that would ruin your makeup so ix-ney on the dunk-ney. Instead, cool off with a spritz of Evian Spray ($5,50). Just pop the mini can in your purse and mist whenever you feel the need to freshen up, hydrate or set your makeup.I’m all for going out naked (above the neck), but it’s always good to have some smoke and mirrors so your skin looks fresh as a daisy. Especially if you’re oil-prone, apply a mattifyer like Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel ($35). It prevents skin from looking greasy, makes pores appear smaller and, if you change your mind, it helps makeup go on easier, too. Oh, and please don’t forget to curl your lashes. It’s a trick of the trade that gives the eyes an instant pick-me-up.However, if the idea of forgoing makeup makes you shutter,try a primer like Smashbox Photo Finish Bronzing Foundation Primer ($38). It’s an oil-free, antioxidant-rich formula that adds a hint of color and perfects the complexion so makeup goes on smooth and lasts.If all else fails, a few shots of Botox in your pits or palms will shut down the sweat.Got a question? Email me at

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