Beauty products can easily take over your bathroom. It’s not a bad problem to have, but the last thing you want is for your cosmetic collection to turn into clutter. Here are some easy DIY storage ideas.

Storing Makeup Brushes:

Brushes and eye/lip liners can get lost in your makeup bag. To make them easily accessible, use a clear glass jar and pour wax beads into it. Then stick in your brushes. Not only does this create a fun visual, it’s an organizational dream. Get creative and customize this DIY with your own color choices.

Bobby Pin Magnetic Strips: 

Bobby pins are an essential beauty tool. I use them to create the perfect bun, to rid fly-aways, and even to get the last bit of product out of an almost empty tube. A nice way to keep your bobby pin stash neat is to stick a magnetic strip on the inside of a bathroom drawer or cupboard. The metal bobby pin will adhere to the magnet, and you will never have to dig for these suckers again. Here’s a cute fabric covered option I found on Pinterest for inspiration.

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