The last month was thrilling and non-stop with TBG events, speaking engagements and TV segments that included stops in LA and Dallas. I was never in the same location or outfit twice, but the one thing I kept constant was my makeup. Whenever I’m getting ready for what I consider to be something "big," I stick to the makeup look I know best — gold eye shadow and even, slightly glow-y skin. I don’t recommend trying a new product, color or trend when there’s anticipation in the air. My strategy makes me feel confident, not to mention, I consider metallic shadow a glorified neutral, so I know it will go with whatever I’m wearing.

I’ve worn every variation of gold, bronze, and champagne shadow from practically every brand. For years, my absolute favorite was this one in Baked, which is no surprise if you watch this video where I show you how it crumbled, and then how a simple trick repaired it. However, I tested Josie Maran’s coconut watercolor eye shadow, which launched this month, and it’s my new favorite, er, now I have two favorites. I’m such a fan of both, I’ve even layered them, and the colors look gorgeous together.    


I love that Josie’s shadow is made with natural ingredients (50% pure coconut water and 100% pure argan oil) so you don’t have to worry if you have sensitive eyes. And it proves that gone are the days of fuddy duddy natural makeup. This shadow performs better than tons of other chemical-based shadows out there. You’ll notice that the color looks watery in the jar. To apply it, you first shake the jar to mix it up and then glide on the shadow with the brush-tip applicator. It feels a bit moist at first, so I suggest applying to each lid and then blending with your fingertip. Then repeat if you want to itensify the color. The finish is slightly wet looking rather than glittery, which not only adds luster to the eye area, it makes the shadow really wearable for women of all ages. It comes in a variety of shades including a mossy green and deeper purple, but Rio De Rose Gold, which I’m wearing here, is seriously a shade everyone should own.      


And if you want to know my secret to even, glow-y skin, just look above. I rarely breakout, but I promise my skin is neglected and dull. Now that I’m a mom of two under three years old, I’m cramming a full-time work load into a part-time schedule (case in point: it’s nearing 9:30pm and my work day is just beginning). I’ve shared a bunch of the foundations I have in my rotation before, but the skin-perfecting concoction I’ve made up and am currently using is making my skin look better than ever, even when there’s studio lights and HD cameras. I dispense about a quarter- or nickel-size amount of this beauty balm and then add a bit of Clarins Instant Light. Then I mix them together in my hands and apply. The combo of these two products gives my face a boost. It takes away any redness, and while I’m not a water guzzler, it makes my skin look like it because it gives me a pretty, dewy finish.


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