It seems that here at The Beauty Girl headquarters, we’re the last ones standing who haven’t converted to the i-calendar. As a writer, there’s nothing more satisfying than physically crossing out an item on my never-ending to-do list. Sure, that may mean I have to lug around what some may consider to be a clunky datebook. But little do they know that the modern-day hardcover planner does way more than simply design our day. While others are scrolling through their virtual schedules, we are not only organizing our lives, we’re setting out our path to success.  

We’ve used many versions of Filofaxes over the years, Lilly Pulizer and Kate Spade amongst our favorites. But, there’s a little black book that’s recently changed TBG intern Molly’s life, and no, it isn’t the names and numbers of co-eds. 

The Passion Planner, created by post college grad Angelia Trinidad, was designed to help you take control of your life. The first few pages consist of goal-planning pages, so you can set out where you want to be in three months, a year, and three years. From there, the planner has a weekly layout. 

The layout includes to-do lists for both work and personal lists, checklists to keep you on track, and sections including "Good Things That Happened." It reminds you to stay positive! The daily sections go from 6am to 11pm, in half-hour increments. 

For Molly, the most powerful part has been the goal-setting checklists. It helps her reevaluate her behavior on a monthly basis, so she can get closer to achieving her goals. This is what’s so incredible about this planner – it works for everyone! It doesn’t have to be career goals, or even blogging goals (although it certainly could be). No matter what you’re plans are in life, the Passion Planner wants to help you achieve them.


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