Summer can feel like one big Bikram yoga studio. From the crowded subways to street fairs, moving from one position to the next amidst an abundance of skin, sweat and stench, your chances of getting stifled by a whiff of horrid BO are scary. In the spirit of yoga, do unto others as you’d like done unto you and erase the fear of not wearing a deodorant that works. Here are two new formulas worth the exercise.

Degree deodorantDegree Women Expert Protection with motionSENSE. I’ve never been a big sweater. Now that I’m preggars, the tables have turned. All it takes is a walk down the street to turn on the waterworks in my pits. Degree’s new deodorant with antiperspirant has been a savior. It’s motion activated so it starts working when you start moving, before you start schvitzing and smelling.
Clean deodorantClean Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant. Envelop skin in the aroma of freshly washed linens, and you can’t get “cleaner” than that. I love the warm cotton scent of this aluminum-free deodorant. It’s not the most powerful sweat-plugging formula, so I wouldn’t apply before a marathon. But, I recommend wearing with your summer whites because this roll-on protects clothes from unsightly yellow underarm stains.

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