The natural ingredient bonds to the keratin proteins in skin and hair, which means it won’t wash away after you’ve lathered up. The soap provides broad-spectrum protection, which you don’t feel on skin, and because of its barrier properties, even helps prevent dehydration.

It’s a cool concept, particularly for peeps who forget sunscreen when they bop around town running errands. However, it’s not a substitute for your traditional block. It’s crucial to re-apply SPF every few hours, so the soap won’t hold you over the whole day. We like the idea that we can layer it with other SPF products, ensuring full protection.

And on the topic of reapplying throughout the day—it’s a chore for even the most devoted SPF enthusiasts (like ourselves, might we say). Whether you’re wearing makeup, or don’t want to feel greasy, it’s somewhat impractical to smooth it on every couple of hours. ColoreScience SPF 50 Mineral Powder is a convenient way to reapply SPF throughout the day and even your skin tone! The mineral-based powder goes on with the attached brush and contains 24.5% zinc and 22.5% titanium dioxide—that’s pretty major! posted by Cody

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