At the beginning of the quarantine, I shared different at-home workouts I was trying and loving. Many offered free trials, so I took advantage and tried it all, from dance-inspired workouts to celebrity-led fitness methods and more. As the months progressed and the free trial periods ended, my workout repertoire narrowed. I slowly dropped each of the programs except for one that really checks all the boxes — Obe Fitness.

If you’ve been following on Instagram, this probably isn’t a surprise. If you don’t follow me, you should 🙂 and can click here to start! I’ve shared a lot of my Obe workouts with you. Why Obe? It has a great variety of classes, but most important, I don’t get bored during the workouts. Their on-demand workouts are just as effective as the live classes, and the instructors always switch things up and guide you throughout, so the classes feel like they go by fast! I take the 28-minute classes. My favorites are low-impact cardio (Adam is my go-to for that), HIIT (take Dorian’s class if you want to sweat. She’s a beast!), and pilates and barre, which I usually take with Katherine M. I’ve been so into Obe, that I personally reached out to them and asked if I could get a discount for YOU so you can try it. Wouldn’t it be fun to do virtual classes together?! Guess what, they said YES!!!! ??‍♀️ Use code NICOLEPEARL to get 30% off your first month! And this on top of getting a 7-day free trial!

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