There are countless scrubs and creams on the market catering to sensitive skin. But nail polish? Turns out yes, thanks to Clinique. The beauty brand has recently released a collection of polishes for people with sensitive skin.

According to Clinique, conventional nail polish can be a source of allergens causing periorbital dermatitis (a facial rash that develops under your upper and lower eyelids). Their new nail enamel is designed to minimize these kinds of unwanted reactions. Rashes from these allergens typically show up around nail beds and on fingers, but when your mani comes in contact with your face, the polish can generate the same reaction there–yikes!

The line includes a dual topcoat and basecoat, 12 classic shades and 9 fun summer hues. We found it best to apply two and a half coats because the polish is a little streaky otherwise. Aside from the fact that these polishes are made for sensitive skin, the colors really pop when they’re on your nails. The yellow, silver and blue were our most favorite of the bunch. Dermatologically tested and 100% fragrance free, this lacquer will certainly do you no harm.

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