When it comes to beauty products, chocolate is not a new ingredient, but the Body Shop’s Chocomania Body Scrub ($14.25) really stands out as a favorite amongst all the other cocoa-scented products on the market. This scrub is an exfoliant made to slough away dead skin and leave behind a thin protective layer of moisture. Made with cocoa butter, Brazilian nut oil, soy oil and organic cane sugar, it really sounds more like a dessert for your skin than a body scrub. When I applied the Chocomania Scrub, it went on smoothly and the aroma was better than I even expected. It smelled like a chocolate croissant, not too sugary but warm and sweet. I don’t think this would be my first choice on a steamy summer afternoon, but hopping into a hot shower with this scrub was the perfect ending to a long, chilly Thursday. Almost instantaneously, my skin’s texture was noticeably smoother and softer. I felt like an after-shower lotion application was unnecessary. Because the granules are so fine, I felt very comfortable using this scrub about three times per week. The only downside? It’s almost too delicious of a scent – I want to eat it! posted by Elizabeth

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