The way I do my makeup for TV is similar to how I do my face for an evening look. Even though I’m creating a more dramatic look, the whole process doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. See many of my makeup tricks in this video along with the exact products I use.

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1. I always prep my skin with this Hydration Serum. It’s light yet keeps my skin moisturized so my makeup still looks fresh hours later. You can only get this product through a Rodan + Fields consultant, and since I love it so much, I am. If curious to try, comment below or message me because I can get you a discount.

2. I love to mix this foundation with this highlighter.

3. Am all about this rose gold eye shadow. I wear day and night. It goes with everything.

4. Rather than dealing with false lashes, I’ve been applying this serum at night before bed, and my lashes look like falsies! They are so much longer and wing out beautifully. If you want to try, let me know because I’m running a great promotion right now. As for mascaras, I’m using this one even though it’s a splurge. This one is an equally wonderful formula, and it’s a steal.

5. My brow shadow and brush are from a boutique brand, 3 Custom Color, that creates custom colors. Sadly they are no longer around. However, I alternate between that brow powder and this one.

6. For blush, don’t be afraid of shades that look bright in the container. The color diffuses as soon as it’s applied, giving a pretty warmth to your skin.

7. I pop a white or silver shimmery shadow on the inner corner of my eyes, which instantly makes them look bigger. Next time you see a red-carpet photo of a celebrity, look closely, and you’ll notice they do the same thing. Here are some suggestions: steal and splurge

8. This berry lip gloss I’m wearing is only $7!

Do you like this video? Comment below if you’d like me to create more makeup videos or have question about any of the products I shared.

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