P.S. Outdoor Hands is offering an exclusive 20% discount when you enter the code “windy city live.” Happy shopping!

Also, we ran out of time for my last solution (such is the reality of live TV), so if you’re in Chicago and need to book a last-minute beauty treatment like a haircut or mani, you can go to prettyquick.com. You enter the service you want and within 5 minutes they’ll send you about 10 different salons and spas that have availability, and you pick the appointment you want to book. How cool!

Here’s the info. for the rest of the products featured:

Body and Sole Comfort cushions: www.bodyandsolecomfort.com

Toppik: www.toppik.com

Pocksie: www.pocksie.com

Pedi-sox: www.originalpedisox.com

Bootie Pies: www.bootiepies.com

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