barneysThis isn’t technically a giveaway, but it once was. If you missed this freebie the first time around, don’t miss out on this amazing promotion. Back by popular demand, I’m offering an exclusive discount to The Beauty Girl readers — 30% off a bottle of the illustrious fragrance ILARI.I’ve been wearing ILARI since it launched, and this perfect balance of herbal and feminine is proving to be addictive. From my mom to my man, I’ve found a scent that appeals to all senses.I was walking to the theater with my fam to see Billy Elliot. My mom, who trailed behind me, inhaled the scent and had to get closer to breathe in some more. She loved it so much, you would’ve thought I was basted in chocolate.I wore it on my date night this past weekend. My husband, who I’ve previously mentioned is very particular and has very good taste, got a whiff. While we were waiting for our drinks to arrive, he nuzzled up to me and a smile settled on his face. He said I smelled “amazing…like St. Barths” (sigh, how romantic!).The deal ends May 4th. To get your bottle for $45 instead of the regular price of $65, email with “thebeautygirl” in the subject and your order will be processed promptly.

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