200002955I see the light! The days are lengthening by the inch, and I can finally relax my shoulders knowing winter is finally, slowly wilting away. That said, my skin isn’t sensing the relief. The combo of dry air and hot showers has turned my legs into an itchy, scaly scene (picture girl in bed, trying to fall asleep while fighting an insatiable desire to scratch and scratch). Sound familiar?It doesn’t have to any longer. After trying tons of lotions, I found the best performer. If you haven’t heard of Elemental Herbology, an indie brand available on Space NK, the rich but not greasy Body Soufflé is worth putting on your radar. The winter hydrating formula is made with natural ingredients including Shea butter, lotus, magnolia and soy. I slather it on after the shower when my skin is still damp and take joy from the instant soothing effects and its faint rose scent.I love to share joy, so I’m offering 3 readers the chance to win a tube of this Elemental Herbology moisturizer ($37). To enter this contest, comment below and click the Twitter tab on the top left column of the page to follow me. Send me a tweet and let me know that you’ve entered! Twitter.com/NPTheBeautyGirl

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