There’s always tomorrow to start your diet, pick up that book, clean out your closet yadda, yadda, yadda, right? Well, what if there is no tomorrow! Ok, I don’t mean to get all drama-rama on you, but today’s Earth Day, so preservation is top of mind. If you ever wondered what little bit you could do to help the Big Mama, here are three simple beauty renovations you can do that will enhance your life without an inch of sacrifice. 1.Hair This “Instead of drying your whole head, just do the top half and let the bottom dry naturally,” says Jessica Iclisoy, founder of environmentally friendly California Baby. No one sees the bottom layers of your hair anyway, not to mention that hot tools like hair dryers, which I’m happy to mention are coming out in energy-saving models, and curling irons can damage locks while excess energy usage can burn a whole in your wallet. Click here to read the rest of my story on Happy Earth Day!

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