If I’m The Beauty Girl, my husband is The Beauty Guy. He’s earned this title. He dutifully tests all of the grooming products I shove in his face, leave on his side of the sink or as was the case with this latest one, put on his “Honey Do” list while I was away over the weekend.

Turns out, trying the new Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Sky Flyin’ Foaming Multi-Gel ($19) was not a chore. It exceeded his expectations and has become his skincare MVP. What’s genius is it’s both a cleanser and a shaving cream. Use it like regular face wash, and on days when you need to shave, slather it on to shave stubble and rinse grime at the same time. The formula has natural astringents including bamboo, lemon and orange fruit extracts to remove dirt and vitamins C and E to reduce irritation. According to my man, “You can feel it working, and it softens nicely so you get a super close shave.”

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