We’re all on the quest for enlightenment. My “aha” moments are not always as profound as Oprah’s, but they do come. A few years back I was meeting with a top hairstylist who was showing me how to create the Victoria’s Secret waves every women wants (heck, we may not be blessed with those Amazons’ curves, so at least let our hair have their body). He whipped out the curling iron and went to town twirling sections of my hair around the wand. The thing is, he never once touched the clunky clamp that is normally used to set the curl. That was my OMG moment. Who knew it was a million times easier to curl your hair by simply wrapping it around the barrel, holding hair in place for a few seconds and then gently loosening your grip. This instantly became one of my favorite tips, and I’ve been sharing it ever since. Well ladies, the curling iron community has finally caught on. Two of my favorite new models are sleek and simple sans the old fashioned, hard-to-use clamp. sultraSultra’s Bombshell curling iron has a one-inch rod and comes with gloves so your fingertips can perfectly style each kink without being bothered by the heat. remington Remington’s new TIStudio Pearl Ceramic Professional Styling Wand is designed like a cone (it’s narrower at the tip and wider at the base) so you can create skinny and fat curls and also comes with a heat-protective glove. I stopped by Ulta on State St. for the product launch and learned that not only does the iron have a smart design, the new T-Studio line, which also includes a dryer, hot roller set and a flat iron, is made with a breakthrough Pearl technology that infuses a heat-protective and shine-enhancing silicone-based conditioner into strands. I spoke with said celeb hairstylist Richard Marin (shown below), a favorite of Megan Fox, Tina Fey and Cindy Crawford, who said he’s a fan. “The technology makes hair shiny and gives it better slip so it’s easier to work with.” Richard Marin

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