What’s on your Christmas list? My three-year-old Rex is hoping he’ll get a cement mixer and that his younger brother Jaz will get a police car. While most kids are luring Santa in with milk and cookies, Rex thought orange slices and cheddar bunnies sounded even better (shown left). I guess that’s what happens when you become a family who shops at Whole Foods 🙂 But the part that really gave my husband and I a laugh is when we asked Rex if he’d like to leave Santa a glass of milk. His answer was a surprising, "no." Naturally we asked why, and he explained that it wasn’t a good idea because "if we left the milk out all night, it could go bad and give Santa a tummy ache." Rex had a point, and we wouldn’t want anything to slow Santa down on his sleigh. So we left out some water, and in case Santa looks in the fridge, there’s a glass of milk waiting for him there.

Hopefully you’ll get what you want for Christmas, but just in case, here’s a bonus gift. I’ve teamed up with 7 Bloggers from around the world this holiday season to give one lucky reader a chance to win a $200 Gift Card to Top Shop!  The best part is…. This giveaway is open to ALL residents across the globe!  So anyone or everyone can enter! Happy Holidays! 

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