Bathing suit shopping usually comes out of desperation. Your options are either worn out, don’t fit properly or were bought decades ago. Imagine being confronted with this task after battling breast cancer. Talk about feeling vulnerable. That’s exactly how Chicagoans Lesley Foreman and Jami Weiman, who have each battled their own illnesses, felt. But these two forces weren’t going to let their insecurities win. Instead, they tackled this problem head-on and created two innovative solutions that are empowering women inside and out. Their newest product is Bandiva, a versatile headwrap that’s functional and fashionable. What started it all is Bandtastik, a flexible, moveable band that can be paired with any swimsuit.


The Bandtastik design came from a "Coverage You Can Control" philosophy, meaning that this one piece can be adapted 7 different ways and counting! Whether you wear it to conceal ports or scars, style it to turn a strapless suit into a one-shoulder, or use as a cover-up, the band offers endless possibilities and is as much a fashion piece as it is a staple for people dealing with cancer. 

We’re inspired by these two women and their mission. You can learn more about their products at

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